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SAM is not a booking agency, but we are pleased to introduce you to these talented storytellers and spoken word performers!


Dorothy Cleveland

Dorothy Cleveland has been telling tales to adults publicly since 1995. She especially likes folktales, fairy tales and personal tales that show the darker shadows and humor of life. She tells folktales from England and Eastern Europe.

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Chad Filley.jpg

Chad Filley

Comedian, and Author are just a few words used to describe Chad Filley. This versatile communicator has entertained audiences of all ages at corporate functions, prisons, comedy clubs, school groups, festivals, banquets, and churches.

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Kathleen Johnson

Using spoken word and music, Kathleen Johnson invites you into magical stories from Brittain and Nova Scotia, stories of resilience and kindness, stories to connect us to one another.

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Pati Kachel

Pati Kachel of THE PARABLE FUND tells original stories that encourage, delight and inspire. Her stories are heartwarming, humorous, memorable and meaningful.

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Vickijoan Keck

Vickijoan Keck is a flamboyant storyteller, actress and poet who especially enjoys telling folktales and whimsical rhymes. She also enjoys telling personal stories as well as putting a new twist on an old tale

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phillip low.jpg

phillip andrew bennett low is a Chinese-American playwright and poet, storyteller and mime, theatre critic and libertarian activist.

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Steve Maanum

Steve Maanum is an award-winning educator, wildlife photographer, and writer who has found a unique way of blending his backgrounds and experiences together during his storytelling presentations.

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Mike Mann

Mike, winner of the Storytelling World, Parents Choice, and NAPPA Gold Awards, has been a full-time story artist since 1996. He donates 10% of his income to Way to Grow.

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Carol McCormick

Carol McCormick sparks imaginations of all ages as a performer, public speaker, trainer, workshop leader, conference keynoter and author.

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Michael Merriam

Michael Merriam is an actor, playwright, and spoken-word artist who tells personal narratives with an emphasis on disability, stories of the fantastic, reworked folk tales, and anything else that strikes his fancy.

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Loren Niemi.jpg

Loren Niemi

Community organizer and professional storyteller, Loren has spent forty years creating, collecting, directing, performing and teaching stories about what matters to audiences of all ages in urban and rural settings.

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Laura Packer

Laura knows the best way to truth is through story. She uses the transformative power of story to entertain, enlighten, coach, teach, and consult; she has won multiple awards for her work with adults, families and kids.

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Gregory Pickett

Gregory Pickett—the SlamMN! Storytelling Grand Slam Champion for 2017—is a Spoken Word artist/storyteller originally from Chicago, IL, but currently calls Minneapolis home. Through storytelling, he has learned how to realize the shape of his own dreams, and aims to help others do the same.

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Richard Rousseau

Audience members have frequently commented that Richard's stories linger long after the telling. Over the years he has been employed as a teacher, trainer, actor, director, playwright, historical interpreter, cab driver, tobacco picker and more, but at heart he is simply a Storyteller.

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Pam Schweitzer.jpg

Pam Schweitzer

Pam is passionate about bringing the magic of stories to children and the chime of “tell us a story” brings a sparkle to her eye. She grows imaginations and encourages children to trust their own unique voice.

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Sue Searing

Sue Searing is an eclectic storyteller who delights listeners of all ages with rollicking folktales, thought-provoking wisdom tales, ghost stories, classic fairy tales, and insightful personal memories.

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Wonder Weavers

WonderWeavers—storytellers Tina Rohde and Colleen Shaskin—are a tandem team of award-winning storytellers who are dedicated to providing quality youth, family and adult performances that are both educational and entertaining.

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David Zander

David is an anthropologist who tells stories from around the world. He is coordinator of the Asian Storytellers Alliance and is currently helping refugees collect folktales and personal stories.

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