Conflict of Interest Policy

Financial Conflicts of Interest

Any member of the board will disclose any financial conflict of interest when it occurs and this will be reflected in the minutes.

A financial conflict of interest includes:
1. Any direct payment to a board member for services provided by that board member to SAM. Examples include:
     a. Payment for storytelling performances
     b. Renting performance space from a board member who owns a venue.
2. Any decision by which a board member will indirectly benefit financially. An example of this would be SAM choosing to financially sponsor a non-SAM event produced by a board member.

For any board votes on expenditures or monetary transfers in which a board member is in conflict, that board member shall leave the room during the discussion and abstain from voting, and this will be reflected in the minutes.

Performance Conflicts of Interest

For the purposes of this policy there are two classes of persons of interest: organizers and board members. Organizers are current sitting members of a committee principally responsible for organizing a given event. Board members are current sitting members of the board. If a person is both an organizer and a board member, they will be considered an organizer for purposes of determining conflict of interest.

Each SAM event will follow this conflict of interest policy (below).

SAM Events (Performances, Workshops, etc.) Conflicts of Interest

Any organizer or board member under consideration for inclusion will abstain from voting on their inclusion as performers, hosts, or workshop instructors in SAM events.

Organizers and board members will be considered for inclusion in SAM events in the same way as any other potential performer, host, or workshop instructor.

Organizers and board members who perform in SAM events will both receive compensation commensurate with that of any other performer, host, or workshop instructor.

Calof Fellowship Conflicts of Interest

Neither board members nor organizers will be considered for a position as a Calof Fellow.

This revised policy is in effect as of April 8, 2019, the date it was approved by the Board of Directors of Story Arts of Minnesota. It will be reviewed every three years and may be revised at any time by the Board.