WonderWeavers - Storytellers

WonderWeavers – Storytellers, Tina Rohde and Colleen Shaskin, are a tandem team of award-winning storytellers who are dedicated to providing quality youth, family and adult performances that are both educational and entertaining.  They have performed and presented workshops and keynotes throughout the upper midwest for the past 24 years.  WonderWeavers - Storytellers help people of all ages exercise their imaginations and discover their creative energies

Tina and Colleen bring positive energy and enjoyment to their storytelling, which can be witnessed in each of their performances. They use puppets and simple costumes as props and invite audience participation on many levels, including songs and acting out stories.

For samples of stories told by Tina, Colleen or both go to www.storylibrary.org

Website: http://www.wonderweavers.com
Email: info@wonderweavers.com
Phone: 952-934-4194