Children’s Storytelling Guild

SAM’s Children’s Storytelling Guild is currently on hiatus.

Salt of the Earth Storytelling Circle

SALT OF THE EARTH STORYTELLING CIRCLE is a safe, open and welcoming group of storytellers who invite others to grow in the art of sharing stories. 

Come to tell, listen and learn with other tellers who enjoy sharing stories of faith, freedom, frivolity and healing. Together we explore telling Biblical stories, life journey stories, folktales, personal and literary stories.

Many of us try out stories at SALT before we perform for a larger audience. You can ask for help in crafting a new story or experiment with your rough story ideas. Others come to learn by listening to other seasoned tellers in the group. Musical instruments and poetry are encouraged and often included in our gathering times.

We meet on the third Sunday of each month from 1:30 PM until 3:30 PM at the Bethany Lutheran Church. It is located in the Seward neighborhood at 2511 East Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN  55406.

Although we meet at a Lutheran Church, we are an ecumenical storytelling group. All church denominations and other people of heart are invited to step into our warm circle of fellowship.

For more information please feel free to contact:
Lynn Dosch 612-729-1865 or Pati Kachel 651-483-5804

The Black Storytellers Alliance

A non-profit  501(c)3 organization of master storytellers, educators and community supporters that provides training for those interested in using African-based storytelling methods to reach their audience. Sponsors the Signifyin’ and Testifyin’ Festival each September. 


Asian Storytellers Alliance

Provides a supportive environment for storytellers from different Asian ethnic communities to come together across generations to practice their skills of storytelling. Contact David Zander (davidbzander@gmail.com) or Phuoc Tran (ptran@hclib.org).

Tale Weavers is a Toast Masters Club for practicing the art of storytelling and public speaking.  The group meets twice a month.


Tale Weavers                                       


Many SAM members also belong to Northlands, the regional storytelling group for the upper midwest.  Northlands hosts an annual conference with workshops, master classes, story concerts, and story swaps.


Northlands Storytelling Network


SAM members can get a discount on their membership to the national organization.  NSN hosts an annual conference, publishes a magazine, supports emerging tellers, and honors leaders in the storytelling community.


National Storytelling Network