SAM at the Festival of Nations

Story Arts MN organized an entertaining program of multicultural storytelling over the four days of the 2017 Festival of Nations


African storyteller Danielle Daniel and musician Tony Paul

David Zander, Banlang Phommasouvant (Lao tales) and organizer/emcee Carol McCormick

Phuoc Tran, Vietnamese storyteller. Her book, Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories,
won an Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award for 2015-2016.

Ghost Story Concert.  Sue Searing, Danielle Daniel, Richard Rousseau,
and organizer/emcee Carol McCormick.

African storyteller Danielle Daniel

Carol McCormick, organizer and emcee of the Storytellers Stage,
with Vietnamese storyteller Phuoc Tran

SAM display table