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ONLINE: Storytelling from Audience to Zeal taught by Laura Packer (first class)

Storytelling from Audience to Zeal: Finding, Crafting, and Telling Great Stories  (6-week online class)

June 26-July 30, 2019

This workshop is for anyone interested in becoming a better storyteller, whether from the stage, at bedtime, in the office, or elsewhere. While we will focus on stories told live in the moment, this class is helpful for anyone who wants to e a better speaker, writer, communicator, and transformative language artist.

Objectives and goals:

  1. Participants will learn about the history and uses of storytelling.

  2. Participants will develop at least four stories that they can comfortable tell, including one folktale, one personal story, and one scary story. Participants will have the opportunity to practice storytelling during weekly video conferences (to be scheduled).

  3. Participants will explore different places and audiences for storytelling.

  4. Participants will understand how the story triangle works and how they can use it in their own storytelling to develop better stories for specific audiences.

  5. Participants will explore a range of storytelling techniques.

  6. Participants will consider the ethical uses of storytelling.

Week-by-week schedule: at

Who Should Take This Class: This online and video conference class is for people who are interested in learning to tell stories out loud, without notes. This class works well for people who are interested in performance, conquering public speaking, listening, and are willing to take a risk to step outside of their comfort zone within a safe and supportive environment. Participants will get far more out of the class if they can commit to the weekly video calls.

Format: Participants can expect to spend 2-4 hours a week reading assignments, writing in response to prompts, story crafting, telling their own story, watching, and listening to stories from others during a weekly video conference (to be scheduled). Participants will receive and give positive, strengths-based feedback when responding to peers' work.

TEACHER: Laura Packer (

COST: $210-$270